ff24 Payments Leverages DECTA Payment Gateway for Both External and Internal Onboarding

Fast Finance 24 Holding AG is a Berlin-based publicly listed investment company active in the segments of Finance, Marketing, Communication, and IT. The holding comprises a group of companies, providing a number of standalone services, including:

  • Banking app;
  • Online payment solution;
  • Investment platform;
  • Trading platform;
  • Rent-to-own solution for eCommerce;
  • Secure email and messaging services with integrated infotainment and shopping capabilities.

ff24 Payments is a subsidiary of ff24 Holding offering a range of integrated B2B payment solutions.
The goal of their partnership with DECTA was to facilitate an initiative to solidify and expand the holding’s presence in the market.

Our main objective was to provide ff24 Payments with a universal interface enabling them to:

  • Streamline prospect onboarding;
  • Simplify merchant account management;
  • Provide a payment platform allowing to handle the complete online transaction cycle.

We achieved this by integrating the DECTA White Label Payment Gateway tailored to the client’s exact business specifications.

The resulting technological solution enables ff24 Payments to accept online payments through Mastercard & Visa networks, as well as onboard merchants looking to accept and process card payments online.

The new solution was integrated into the company’s existing business flow, uncovering new capabilities for ff24 Payments:

  • Act as a TSP and payment gateway provider serving B2B customers in all 27 EU countries and the UK;
  • Easily register merchants and manage merchant accounts within the DECTA Payment Gateway;
  • Provide merchants with a flexible payment platform, ensuring secure 24/7 transaction handling;
  • Act as a B2B payment gateway provider for merchants looking to accept both one-time and recurring payments online;
  • Enable merchants to process all popular payment methods within a single integration.

Notably, besides serving independent businesses, ff24 Payments has used the newly acquired toolset to onboard its sister companies (other subsidiaries of ff24 Holding), such as Ok.de. By doing so they leverage the capabilities of the DECTA Payment Gateway in order to distribute their products/services and stream their own transaction flow.

Being a complete payment solution suited for a wide range of day-to-day business operations, DECTA Payment Gateway has offered the additional benefits of:

  • Quick service launch;
  • Saving resources on additional development and integrations;
  • Providing all the essential business functionality out-of-the-box, reducing the need for any immediate upgrades, and allowing to prioritize the current business processes.
Sören Jensen, Director at ff24 Payments: “As a relatively young company, we are looking for solutions that are quick, effective, and offer an immediate advantage. The integration of DECTA Payment Gateway proved super-helpful in supporting our reputation as a reliable payment service provider, as well as helping coordinate our internal business processes.”

Norberts Millers, Product Owner at DECTA: “It is always inspiring to work with partners who are ready to think outside
of the box. ff24 Payments took an inventive approach to adopt our Payment Gateway solution, and it clearly worked for them!”