Decta Stream™ Technical Processing for Visa/Mastercard members

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End-to-end service for Issuers and Acquirers

Decta provides banks and financial institutions (Visa and Mastercard members) with a secure end-to-end platform for payment card issuing and acquiring, empowering them to bring new payment propositions to the market.
Decta offers a comprehensive suite of services and advanced technologies that enable financial institutions to manage full transaction processing cycle whilst providing seamless support for customers’ unique business needs.

Decta Stream for Acquirers

In the rapidly changing global payment environment, acquirers face increasing challenges that also bring new opportunities. However, companies wanting to directly provide payment services require a very lengthy and costly regulatory authorisation process.
PСI DSS Level 1 compliant
Decta is a highly-advanced partner, who handles card transaction via authorisation, clearing and settlement, and dispute management.
We possess innovative technological infrastructure for cost-effective processing and are directly connected to VISA and Mastercard to ensure the compliance with the strictest security standards Level 1 PCI DSS.
Wide range of benefits
To minimise merchant attrition, Decta offers Acquirers competitive pricing, uninterrupted service, additional features and chargeback handling. The Interchange Plus model offers more transparent service pricing focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing the overall operational cost.
Flexible and adaptable
Decta delivers a highly flexible processing solutions to quickly adapt to the ever-changing environment in the payment industry. We strive to provide the most efficient and secure services to satisfy your compliance obligations and regulatory requirements.

Benefits of using Decta

Uninterrupted service
Competitive pricing
24h customer support
Flexible and extensive service options
Simple integration
Level 1 PCI DSS compliant

Acquirer authorisation, clearing and settlement services

Authorising transactions is critical function as it ensures that the payment is guaranteed and there will be no dispute. We process Visa and Mastercard transactions, facilitate the processing of these transactions and transferring of settled funds between members.

Dispute Management and Chargeback Processing

Decta provides Acquirers with dispute management services, including chargeback processing, refunds, and claims to the merchants. We also offer comprehensive reporting and analytical services to help manage and improve card processing functions and decrease costs.

Fraud and Risk Management

Our services allow you to monitor transactions and set parameters for anti-fraud safety measures. A range of restrictions integrated with 3-D Secure allows you to experience efficient fraud protection while maximising numbers of successful transactions.

Our 24/7 support and dedicated customer care

Decta is striving to provide their Customers with great service throughout the entire project while ensuring strong customer satisfaction. Every customer is provided with a personal manager and our friendly and professional support is available over the phone or by e-mail 24/7.

Decta Stream for Issuers

Decta Stream for Issuers offers fast and convenient access to a comprehensive and flexible credit card processing services.
For small and medium card issuers, it is a reasonable to outsource card processing to reduce costs, improve services, fraud management, and regulatory compliance. Smaller issuers have benefited from outsourcing card processing to the third-party processors to run their services more efficiently.

Drive value and revenue

Decta’s accumulated expertise enables us to meet the requirements of each customer and to deliver credit card processing services while maximising value, drive profitability and growth. Our comprehensive infrastructure offers card issuers advanced fraud protection, competitive pricing, and supplementary features.

Reduce risk and fraud

The increasing complexity of regulation creates challenges for the issuers to comply and carry their day to day operation. Partnering with Decta you can minimise the demand on the in-house regulatory compliance, reduce the risk of data theft and operational costs.


Card issuing and personalization
Issuing authorisation services
3D authentication
Connection to VISA and MasterCard
Fraud and risk management
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