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Accepting card payments with Merchant Account solution

We understand how important a decision to accept payments online is for your business as well as fast merchant account sign-up, that’s why Decta is offering flexible services to fit your requirements.

Easy implementation

Decta Core is an essential but flexible solution to help you on your route to accept online card payments. A simple application process, fast integration, and an easy pricing model allow you to start operating within days.

Grow with Decta Core

A straightforward solution for merchant services, no hidden extra charges, secure transactions and 24h support will help you grow your business, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Highest level of security and compliance

Decta is PCI DSS certified and uses real-time transaction monitoring to prevent fraud. A range of implemented restrictions integrated with 3-D Secure allows you to experience efficient fraud protection while maximising numbers of successful transactions.

Ongoing support

Our payment consultants are here to help you choose the right services and guide you through the integration process. You will have a dedicated e-commerce manager who will be there from the beginning, helping you even through the difficult situations like chargeback processing.

Our experts will make sure your business can take secure payments online simply and securely, seven days a week, 24h a day.

Benefits of using Decta Core

Services tailored to individual needs
Supporting wide range of currencies
Flexible payment schedule
Assistance with chargeback processing
Dedicated Account Manager
Expert support 24h a day, 7 days a week
Competitive rates starting from 1.5%
Custom reports
Secure processing with integrated 3D Secure
New to card payments?

It’s simple to start with Decta

If you are looking to start taking payments online and open merchant account, we understand this can be an overwhelming process.

To make it easier, our experienced customer advisors will guide you through the process and choose the best option for your needs.

To speak to our advisors, contact us.

Changing provider?

It’s simple to move to Decta
Your business can be paying more to use merchant services that are provided by several different companies. Decta has its own processing centre and provides merchant account management. Because we do everything in-house, we can significantly reduce the costs of your payment processing. We are fast, flexible and will adapt to suit your needs.

Get Started Guide


The first step is to contact us and provide few details.

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