Decta Smart™ Issuing Solution

Decta Smart White-Label Card Issuing Solution

Decta Smart offers white-label issuing and card processing services allowing organisations to launch bespoke card programmes quickly and efficiently without the need to invest into standalone solution.
Decta Smart is designed to respond to our customers’ needs to create a compelling new range of products including digital wallets, physical or virtual cards, and reloadable or non-reloadable cards. Decta Smart White-Label Card Issuing Solution ensures operation and interoperability of smart cards throughout the payment systems, as well as facilitates clearing and settlement processes.
Decta possesses its own processing centre, fully integrated with payment systems to provide a flexible and competitive solution for pre-paid cards programmes.

Decta Smart for Financial Institutions

A bespoke white-label card issuing solution designed for financial institutions, comprising issuance and management of cards, BIN sponsorship and API integration. Partners develop their own online portals for customers to allow easy card and transactions management.

Decta Smart for Corporate Clients

A comprehensive and flexible corporate card issuing programme available in USD, EUR, GBP. The programme includes issuance and management of personalised cards, complete API for viewing of transactions and cardholder information.

Decta provides a broad range of services covering the entire card issuing value chain

Connection to VISA and MasterCard payment networks
Settlements and clearing with VISA and MasterCard
API integration of our Card Management System into customer’s platform
Advanced online administration (transfer funds, view balances, reporting, block and activate cards, etc.)
Processing authorisation messages
Mobile banking services (SMS)
Risk management and fraud prevention solution
Card personalisation services
Cards packaging and mailing
3-D Secure

Decta Smart benefits

Effortlessly launch your own card programmes
Introduce bespoke card programmes and provide your clients with wide range of card products
Expand current offering and create additional value for your clients
Grow your products’ portfolio, enhance your corporate image and boost your clients’ loyalty by introducing your branded cards
Implement cost effective solution to meet your business requirements
Launch comprehensive card solution without unnecessary high investments in IT infrastructure
Increase your competitiveness
Leverage value from your new offering, grow your market share, stay competitive and increase revenues