Dispute Management and Chargeback Processing

Dispute and Chargeback Processing is an effective process management tool that helps card issuers and merchants to resolve dispute and chargebacks more quickly, saving time and money. Our highly professional and experienced team provides continuous support and guidance when handling different cardholder chargeback and dispute scenarios. With our in-depth knowledge of card brand rules and regulations, you will be able to successfully manage chargebacks and eventually eliminate chargeback issues.

DECTA’s services provide everything you need for chargeback and retrieval request processing, management of pre-arbitration and pre-compliance cases as well as post-arbitration and post-compliance procedures.

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DECTA focuses on high-quality service and strives to meet the needs of every customer. Our skilled chargeback team provides you with continuous support during the whole chargeback process. You can count on Decta’s team to help you handle chargeback and dispute management effectively and yield the necessary results.

Implement a comprehensive reporting tool

DECTA can be your reliable dispute management and chargeback processing partner. With our comprehensive reporting and analytical services, you will be fully equipped to manage card processing and other payment facilities, without worrying about chargebacks.

Prevent chargebacks

Usually costs associated with chargebacks are very high. An effective chargeback management tool is a strategic investment that can save your money.

One of the ways how merchants can effectively manage fraud and fraud-related chargebacks is to introduce a 3D Secure procedure and improve the security of online payments. Another service is a Dynamic Descriptor that provides a crystal-clear description about transactions recorded on the bank’s statements. With this service, cardholders can better memorize their completed transactions and avoid any claim disputes.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of processes

A huge amount of chargebacks can be avoided with an effective dispute management tool. DECTA’s team follows best practices to eliminate or minimize losses by providing ongoing support throughout the chargeback process. It is no secret that collaboration with merchants is one of the keys to successfully manage different chargebacks.

Key benefits

Simplify chargeback processing
Minimize chargeback costs and associated risks
Develop efficient process management
Implement a flexible, rules-based processing system
Have the capacity to quickly respond to incidents
Ensure successful management of pre-arbitration and arbitration cases
Provide real-time reporting
Count on expert advice and professional support

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