DECTA Payment Gateway Features

Keeping pace with the current rise in eCommerce technological requirements often takes agility and ability to respond to rapid changes in market demand. Recently, it has been a challenge for some high-street banks, running a catalogue of legacy payment technologies and products. The niche has been gradually occupied by a new generation of licensed financial institutions catering specifically to the needs of online businesses. These companies stand out by providing sophisticated functionality and eCommerce-first payment solutions.

October 05, 2020

DECTA Payment Gateway is a feature-rich tool that enables eCommerce-specific payment functionality for merchants who want to sell their products or services quickly and securely. The benefits of Payment Gateway in eCommerce include:

  • Quick and simple integration processes;
  • Customized invoicing;
  • Recurring payments;
  • Timeline reports;
  • Analytics;
  • Team account management.


In this post, we’re going to discuss two features that make the DECTA Payment Gateway a perfect match for eCommerce applications: 

Timeline — Here, you can view and manage payment and transaction data. The DECTA Gateway makes it simple to oversee the complete flow of incoming funds to your account.

Invoicing — Benefit from hassle-free invoicing with DECTA. The Gateway offers customized invoicing options that can be delivered to your customers by e-mail or SMS text, using pay-by-link technology.

The DECTA Payment Gateway dashboard provides everything you need to connect with your customers efficiently, keeping your business financial goals on track. 



Merchants access the Timeline section via the Gateway dashboard. In this section, you can review all your invoices and their various payment statuses, use filtering options and download statements in multiple formats. The DECTA Gateway provides you with the necessary functionality to easily create multiple refunds, view, duplicate, print or download an invoice. Use the search option to find the required transactions — using these results quickly; it is possible to check the payment status of each order, any error descriptions for unsuccessful payments, the time when the order was created, and see all customer and transaction details in one place.


You can view and manage all customer payment data in the Timeline section. Merchants can search for any payment-related information required quickly and efficiently. Orders can be located by using various information such as ARN, cardholder name, e-mail, first name, ID, IP, IP created, last name, masked card number, order number or processing ID. Users can also select the time frame to find orders by the creation date. 


Timeline report — how it works

The DECTA Gateway also offers users the ability, through the dashboard, to create and download beautiful custom eCommerce reports using Timeline in CSV or XLSX formats. This enables merchants to view and print a comprehensive report of all their orders – it is also possible to add filters to sort orders if you need to download a report with specific details. 


Additionally, it is possible to add your own default or custom filters to find the necessary transactions. Our Timeline eCommerce reporting tools allow you to customise search options — create new and personalised filters by choosing the filter option and value, create as many filters as needed, and add them to your timeline. Timeline reports help manage and track your customer payment data and are one of the most valuable benefits of working with a dedicated online payment gateway service provider such as DECTA. 



Invoicing is essential for any business, and effective invoicing can make the difference between getting paid on time consistently or losing future business through unnecessary bureaucracy. DECTA’s eCommerce Payment Gateway provides merchants with customised invoicing solutions through a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use dashboard. Working with merchants operating through websites, along with those who only use social media, telephone sales or other alternative channels, DECTA makes eCommerce invoicing quick and straightforward. 

Through DECTA Gateway, you can create new invoices as well as save the list of all your invoice templates, making future invoicing even quicker. If you need to add more information to existing invoice templates, you can easily edit and customise the necessary invoice fields. Options include:

  • Adding a link to your website;
  • Invoicing in multiple currencies;
  • Choosing from various language options.


At DECTA, we understand that the needs of online merchants vary a lot from industry to industry. We’ve made our templates as flexible as you need them to be in order to meet the needs of your individual business.


Adding an invoice

Adding an invoice to the DECTA Gateway is a straightforward process. Begin by making sure that your invoices include all required information, charge the appropriate tax, and that all information is accurate. As discussed, you can create custom, detailed invoices with the help of additional functionality:

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) — This feature will interest you if your business receives online orders, mail, or telephone. MOTO allows you to process credit card transactions without the cardholder and their card being present.

Terminal — This functionality can be used during the delivery process of face-to-face services. You can create an invoice and open it on your device. All the client has to do is input card data.

Previewing invoices


About DECTA Payment Gateway

DECTA is a global payment processing company and an established payment gateway provider. The DECTA eCommerce Payment Gateway is a tool that helps improve the payment cycle of online businesses. Benefits of using the DECTA Payment Gateway include:

  • Mobile-friendly merchant dashboard;
  • Invoice and payment link delivery via email or SMS;
  • Automated subscription payments;
  • Powerful analytics with flexible team account management options
  • Custom invoices;
  • Multiple payment methods;
  • 24/7 technical support.


 At DECTA, we believe in helping our clients most effectively by providing them with a secure payment gateway. Our professional team understands your business needs and offers you services that make e-Commerce work for you.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your eCommerce business.