A Modern Way to Order Food and Drinks

COFYZ easily wins the title for the most modern and innovative cafes in Riga. They already had a supremely scrumptious menu that attracted locals and tourists alike. Quite fittingly, their motto reads “bring happiness”.

However, the real creme de la creme of their business was that they were able to induce technology into a sector of business where innovation was previously considered an unnecessary expense. What’s more, they aimed to create the first catering project from Latvia, known Europe-wise.

With all of these elements put together, COFYZ was born.

COFYZ: Where Technology Meets Coffee

COFYZ is a mobile application that allows its customers to order drinks in advance, eliminating long queues inside and outside the cafe. What’s even better is that people barely have to wait for their drinks to be prepared.

It’s quite simple really. As soon as their drink is ready, a notification is sent to the customer’s phone. All they have to do is visit the cafe and pick up their order. This app also shows the entire assortment of the cafe in real-time, with 10% lower prices for all the menu positions.

But wait, it gets better. The COFYZ app has vouchers for coffee and tea that grant a 30% discount on drinks if customers buy 10 cups at a time. To put it simply, this app can also be described as a subscription service that spares customers from the hassle of entering their card information each time they want to make a payment.

Caffeine-thirst customers are also welcomed to use COFYZ coworking space. Clients especially appreciate this concept because coworking itself is basically free, and all the money you pay for this service will be returned to the wallet in the app for you to spend on more drinks later.

Brewing Into the New Normal

COFYZ was born aiming to help those who are always in rush and running late - students and busy people overall. Having little time before an important meeting or lecture, it’s vital not to spend any more standing in a queue for your morning coffee.

Latvia has imposed strict restrictions on catering places to keep citizens safe from the Coronavirus. If there is not enough space (less than 25 square meters) per person inside, customers are required to wait outside.

Taking into account that it’s -15°C in the street, we doubt customers will appreciate standing out in the cold for even 5 minutes. Even though the COFYZ app was established before the pandemic struck the world, it fits beautifully into these restrictions.

Easy and Transparent Franchising from COFYZ

Franchising is at the core of COFYZ’s growth strategy and scaling plan. It wants to team up and make a network of entrepreneurs who are as passionate about coffee as them. The idea is to consolidate the efforts of like-minded people to bolster the COFYZ operations to a new level.

There are no fine-print terms and conditions involved in COFYZ’s franchising. Every candidate will get the complete set of propriety automation processes upon signing up for the COFYZ franchise. Moreover, franchises can also leverage the COFYZ app for the collection and analysis of valuable business data.

Moreover, the COFYZ team offers a cost-effective plan to its franchisees. They only have to pay a small royalty with no hidden fees. Also, COFYZ will do the component supply to them at zero profit.

Touchless Payments

All the payments made via the COFYZ app (regular payments for the menu items and for co-working, as well as subscriptions) are supported by DECTA - a fully licensed e-money institution authorised by the FCA UK to provide financial services. The company is certified with the highest PCI DSS Level 1 standard and holds Visa and Mastercard Principal Member status.

By combining its extensive business expertise, cutting-edge technology, and individual approach to every customer, DECTA delivers tailored solutions. As a result, they enable their partners to solve business challenges, increase global reach, minimize risk and reduce costs. 

Visit DECTA’s website to learn more about how they can be of service to you and your customers. You can also visit COFYZ’s website to download the app to learn more about their company or experience their revolutionary business model.