Case Study: Coxipay Upgrades to DECTA White Label Payment Gateway
Homepage Oct 20, 2021
Coxipay is an online payment service provider (PSP) and a long-term DECTA affiliate. As part of cooperation with DECTA, their service offering had in the past included DECTA Online Payment Acquiring using DECTA Online Payment Gateway. The early exposure to the technology has allowed Coxipay to get familiar with its benefits and capabilities.

Moving forward, this has helped them to make an informed choice when they were looking to take their online payment solution a step further.

In order to promote their brand and enhance the trustworthiness and the appeal of their service package, Coxipay wanted to start onboarding new customers independently, i.e. using their own self-branded version of the gateway.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by running a white label gateway solution, as it helps reduce TTL and minimizes the costs associated with custom development. Following this practice, Coxipay proceeded with adopting a modified white-label version of the DECTA Payment Gateway incorporating their own logo, design, and settings.

Our objectives:

1. Maintaining DECTA Online Payment Acquiring Solution:

  • One-click payments
  • Recurring billing
  • Mail Order and Telephone Order payments (MOTO)
  • Dynamic Descriptor
  • Payment by Link and Invoice
  • Multi-currency processing
  • 3D Secure v2
  • Fraud and Risk Management
  • Dispute Management and Chargeback Processing

2. DECTA White Label Payment Gateway integration:

  • Customized client and merchant-facing gateway interface
  • Multiple payment methods
  • A wide range of payment scenarios
  • Flexible options of integration at checkout
  • Partner accounts
  • Highly functional merchant dashboard
  • Customizable backoffice
  • Full infrastructure set-up

With the help of DECTA, Coxipay has obtained a payment gateway solution with both customer and merchant-facing features customized to match the client’s specifications. Coxipay’s new self-branded payment gateway incorporates their own logo, design features, and functionality. The benefits include:

  • A more streamlined merchant onboarding process ​
  • An uninterrupted payment flow for the end-users

The result is more trustworthy and sustainable customer relationships leading to better conversions and higher profitability.

On top of that, DECTA White Label Payment Gateway by design offers greater flexibility in terms of additional integrations. This opens further opportunities for future developments and functionality upgrades, including additional payment methods, 3rd party services, and more.

John Kaisarios, UBO at Coxipay: “We were looking for a quick and easy solution to reduce the drop-off rate and improve sales for our clients. It is impressive how much of a difference we saw after the upgrade to DECTA White Label Gateway! Great job by the DECTA team!”