Airline Addendum

Airline Addendum is a payment service that allows merchants or travel agencies to add relevant passenger or flight details to financial transactions. In such a way, transaction and chargeback management becomes more efficient, seeing that bank statements hold a complete information about flight reservations, including passenger name, ticket number and departure airport.

With DECTA’s Airline Addendum, fraudulent transaction risks are minimised, because payment transactions become more transparent and bank statements more readable.

To process payments with VISA or Mastercard debit and credit cards, specific Airline Addendum data are delivered via authorisation messages.

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Provide a detailed description on flight details

Airline addendum data is information about the destinations, flight number, date, passenger name, ticket number, invoice number, ticket agency name etc. Depending on system requirements, airlines and travel agencies can include in this description up to 27 symbols.

Basically, Airline Addendum service is important for creating a positive customer experience. Providing very precise details about the deal helps cardholders to better understand their bank statements and memorise their past transactions.

Simplify corporate client management

Airline Addendum is very often integrated in airline and travel company systems to better suit the needs of corporate clients. Otherwise, processing and reporting of corporate payment transactions may become very time consuming and require a lot of efforts.

With Decta’s Airline Addendum, your corporate clients can directly receive a detailed summary on international business travel expenses and later on report according to the company’s policy.

Key benefits of DECTA`s Airline Addendum

Make transaction management and accounting simpler
Create transparent transaction description and minimize fraud

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