3D Secure payment

3D Secure technology is a cardholder authentication service for payments with Mastercard and Visa cards. 3D Secure payment is covered with an additional level of security and ensures that online shopping experience is protected by security standards “Mastercard Identity Check” and “Visa Secure”.

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Reduce fraudulent transaction risks

3D Secure payment technology provides an extra layer of protection that reduces fraud and gives customers confidence in online payments.

With a supplementary password validated by the card issuer, 3D Secure ensures strong cardholder authentication during card-not-present (CNP) transactions.

Prevent chargebacks

3D Secure technology is another way, how to improve payment dispute management and protect merchants from chargebacks or other operational costs.

When cardholders confirm their transaction, merchants are no longer liable for fraudulent transactions that are routed through 3D Secure payment.

Find a synergy between security and customer satisfaction

3D Secure payment may be seen as an additional step in the checkout process that may have a negative impact on conversion rates and revenues. Today, passwords are no longer a solution for securing everything when consumers want the speed and convenience of online payments.

And once your customers aren’t satisfied, they may even consider turning to another merchant for a more positive payment experience. Fortunately, with an embedded risk-based approach, merchants are able to manage the 3D functionality and set transaction rules like geo location and maximum payment amount. For example, only high-risk or first time transactions can be linked with 3D Secure payment need to provide an excellent service without compromising secure cardholder authentication.

Provide additional authentication

3D Secure payment means that cardholders enter a pre-defined security password to verify cardholder identity.

The password is registered with the Card Issuer and confirms that this payment transactions is genuine and real. If the card issuer does not support 3D Secure payment, the liability for fraudulent transactions will shift to the Card Issuer.

Key benefits of 3D Secure payment

Protect cardholders against fraudulent transactions
Provide an additional layer of security
Ensure a perfect balance between security and conversion
Increase customer confidence in online payments
Prevent chargebacks
Integrate a rules-based architecture

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